The Ultimate Find: Relaxing Around the World

The Winvian in Morris, Connecticut

Calling all men and  women who are stressed out, overworked or simply just need a quick fix to slow down and relax in our times today

Take a breath…Close your eyes…Count to 10…

RELAX and REJUVENATE (and perhaps enjoy a touch of wine therapy as well)With so much on our minds these days – markets falling, temperatures rising, political unrest – it’s no wonder that more and more travelers are requesting and requiring spa treatments at their hotel or resort. Pampering spa treatments can reinvigorate even the weariest of travelers, relieve the stresses of every day, and bring to life a renewed sense of positive energy.   Couldn’t we all benefit from this right now!  When traveling for business or pleasure, one of the most fascinating things to experience is the array of unique treatments that are offered in each part of the world.  With farm-to-spa products readily available, treatments now incorporate the freshest of ingredients that can touch every sense and chakra, even in the most remote places in the world.  Here, I have compiled a list of my favorite global spots that provide a respite where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate.



With massage continuing to be the most requested service at Winvian in Morris, Connecticut, they have expanded on that by offering unique versions in addition to traditional Swedish and deep tissue.

Couples' massage at Winvian

Two of the newest include the Ashiatsu, which is considered the “Ultimate Deep Tissue Massage” in which the therapist uses her feet; and The Royal Thai and Aromatherapy Massage. This 90-minute treatment incorporates pressure applied to specific “Zen”points (which are acupressure hotspots as I learned) using a complimentary aromatherapy oil and finishing with a steamed herbal poultice.  These unique treatments, as well as the personalized service by their therapists, are a memorable experience. Winvian

Waikiki Edition



To truly maximize the healing potential, I was invited to take an Elemental Journey with the spa’s three-day rejuvenation package at The Waikiki EDITION in Oahu, Hawaii. The journey begins with a soothing 90-minute massage that strengthens the Water Element by disengaging your mind and helping your body to achieve total relaxation. Day two begins with a harmonizing, restorative body polish and massage, concluding with a signature Elemental Facial designed to promote overall wellness and sync the body and mind. Day three aids in the return to everyday life, focusing on energy and a sense of renewal with a plethora of services. I LOVED this Journey!The Waikiki EDITION

The Tribe Hotel in Nairobi


While the spa culture is relatively new in Nairobi. Every month the Kaya Spa at Tribe in Nairobi, Kenya launches a combination that targets a particular market segment with value-adds or discounts to entice people to book a full package as opposed to a single treatment. (As I DID!) They are linking the spa experience at Tribe with everything that Africa has to offer…Including a safari packaged with spa treatments that can completely take you away and outside of your normal “real life” zone to create an ultimate experience! Tribe Hotel

The Tribe Hotel's Kaya Spa

Gran Hotel Son Net


Some unique packages that the Gran Hotel Son Net in Mallorca, Spain is offering are wine therapy massages that pair a wine-tasting tour at the local vineyard with massage before and after. I also enjoyed getting outside for specific activities ~ walking, hiking, biking and golfing, and then a sports stretching massage. Gran Hotel Son Net

La Fuente Beauty Centre - Gran Hotel Son Net's Spa

With all of the stress, pain, and suffering in the world, spas in resorts and hotels find it a privilege to be in a position to be able to offer a little bit of peace, relaxation, rejuvenation, and well being. A little bit of pampering can go a long way!

Massage anyone?





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The Ultimate Find: Traveling Single In Los Angeles, CA, USA

Executive Sous Chef Jeremy Zimmerman, Stacy Dreyfus and Executive Chef Guillaume Burlion from Sunset Marquis Restaurant

How to Fly – Getting there is half the battle!

Flying single, you never know who you’re going to meet on the plane, and when you step off, you want to be refreshed and ready for the day ahead.  Here are some tricks when flying single:I prefer the PS (Priority Service) flights on United. They have outlets for your gadgets and inflight Wi-Fi, making it perfect when flying from NYC (my city). It allows you to get some work done and maybe have some fun too.

A few tips when single to ask for…

Ask for an aisle seat. This way you have a choice of talking with either the guy in the window seat or on the aisle row! (This is especially useful on long flights.)
Also, skip the red eye. No one you want to meet will be on that flight because they are sleeping!

Where to Stay – Location, location, location.

The Sunset Marquis Hotel is one of my favorite places to stay

I love the funky-chic pool at the Sunset Marquis

The Sunset Marquis is one of my favorite places to stay in LA.  Every time I stay at a hotel my questions are:  how are the beds, bathroom, pool, and guests?  Well, the Sunset Marquis does not disappoint.  The minute that I first hit the bed, I was in complete comfort and fell asleep for a little nap after taking an early morning flight.

The art gallery at the Sunset Marquis

A true hidden find in LA!  I love the funky-chic pool and villas…the guests are always hip and cool.  If you stay at the Sunset Marquis, you may not be single for long! (Guilty!)

The minute I hit the bed, I was in complete comfort

Where to Eat – You are what you eat, so nibble on something fun!

The Farm is known for its great brownies

Any of The Farm’s three locations are sure to be a hit: Beverly Hills, The Grove, or downtown.

The Farm of Beverly Hills has a wide selection of comfort food

The Farm is known for its great brownies and champagne (ok…I admit…I like the bubbles), plus a wide selection of comfort food. Plus, its downtown location is the perfect place to get your cocktail and chocolate fix before a Lakers game (Single or Taken).

Pick up a Sunset Picnic at the Farm if you're planning a night on the town

Visit the Beverly Hills location for a quick shoe purchase before hitting the LA nightlife!

With the Farm's executive chef, Hans Goplen

Use the top “finds” and you may not be single to for too long.  Ideally, you may just come back with a great story, memory or even perhaps…The Ultimate Significant Other!

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Almost Here!

Be on the look out for Stacy’s first blog post on Orchid Worldwide next Tuesday!

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